Transgas Power
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IMO/VIN Callsign Flag Service Year
9861809 9HA5352 MALTA Tank Ship 2021
Activity# Port Date Activity - Description Deficiencies
7343034 Port Arthur, Texas Nov 06, 21 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
06 - Cargo Operations Including EquipmentN/A - No SubsystemImproper/Lack of Maintenance
DescriptionDue DateResolved
For the spaces listed in 13.6.7, alarms should be activated for flammable products when the vapour concentration reaches 30% of the lower flammable limit. Fixed gas detection system was tested at airlock wit 50% LEL, system alarmed but failed to display values.Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Nov 07, 21Class attended vessel and supplied vessel with correct calibration gas. Class tested gas detection modules and found all sat. Deficiency cleared.
Documents Issued Expires Agency
International Load Line Certificate July 15,2021 July 14,2026 ABS
ISM - Safety Management Certificate July 15,2021 January 14,2022 BV
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate July 15,2021 July 14,2026 ABS
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate July 15,2021 July 14,2026 ABS
Subchapter O Endorsement September 22,2021 N/A