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Ship Owners, Commercial Operators,
Technical Managers
Charterers, Brokers, Agents, Suppliers,
Terminals, Port Authorities, Spill Response
bullet point Automatically complete questionnaires bullet point Access to 7,078 tankers
bullet point Manage oil company vettings bullet point Search on over 520 data fields
bullet point Direct integration with oil company vetting bullet point Download 894+ blank questionnaires
bullet point Certificate & document management bullet point 8,565 charters clauses
bullet point Fleet management bullet point Distance, Draft, DWT, Disp, Intake calculators
bullet point Mooring/Tankplan diagrams bullet point Access USCG Port State Control
bullet point Update OCIMF VPQ & CDI VPI data bullet point P&I club & contact details
bullet point Terminal Vetting Database bullet point Critical emergency response information

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