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The Draft / DWT Calculator gives you the ability to quickly calculate key information such as cargo intakes, DWT and draft based on key information contained in the Q88 and a couple of values manually entered by you. Draft / DWT Calculator includes the following:

Enter the following values:
  • Cargo volume OR draft
  • Load line (summer, winter, tropical)
  • API or Specific Gravity
  • Water type (salt, brackish, fresh)
  • Constant (optional)
  • Sag (optional)
Calculate the following values:
  • Draft based on a specific cargo volume
  • Cargo intake based on a specific draft
  • Displacement
The following values are automatically populated from the Q88:
  • Summer/winter/tropical DWT:
  • Summer/winter/tropical draft:
  • Lightship draft:
  • Cargo cubic capacity (98%)
  • Slop cubic capacity (98%) (Include/exclude from cargo calculation)
  • Fresh Water Allowance (FWA)
  • Tonnes Per Centimeter (TPC)
You have the ability to choose which units you wish to work with for the cargo (MT, M3 or bbls) and draft (M or ft). Results will display accordingly.

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