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Search across the 6,700 + vessels in and across any of the 520 fields contained in the industry standard Questionnaire 88 (Q88) with the powerful but simple to use advanced vessel search. This function was once only available to specialists and database experts but is now available to you. All the information found on is updated and maintained by the vessels owner and/or operator on a daily basis while they trade their vessels which makes our database ""the most accurate industry information"".

Advanced Search Screen

Advanced search includes the following easy to use features:- Searching for a specific item in the Q88 is easy, simply enter one word and the system looks across the name, description and key words to find the field you are looking for.

Advanced Search Keywords

- Build a search by adding one or more items chosen from the Q88.- Search across not only numeric values and text, but also lists and yes/no answers.- Search for exact matches, values which are less than, greater than or between as well as text within an answer.

Advanced Search Criteria

- Once the search has been completed you can save the search criteria for use later use.
- All search results can be exported to Excel.

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