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IMO/VIN Callsign Flag Service Year
9718753 V7NS9 MARSHALL ISLANDS Tank Ship 2015
Activity# Port Date Activity - Description Deficiencies
7653063 San Pedro, California Mar 19, 23 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
03 - Water/Weathertight ConditionsN/A - No Subsystem
DescriptionDue DateResolved
The ring, lines, and letters shall be painted in white or yellow on a dark ground or in black on a light ground. They shall also to be permanently marked on the sides of the ships to the satisfactory of the administration. The marks shall be plainly visible, and if necessary, special arrangements shall be made for this purpose. The load line paint has been worn down and isn't plainly visible on the port side.Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Mar 19, 23Vessel repainted side of the hull before departure off of the vessel.
7331726 Woods Hole, Massachusetts Oct 17, 21 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
7015661 Lake Charles, Louisiana Jul 29, 20 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
6966945 Savannah, Georgia Jun 03, 20 Vessel Operational Control - Administrative Action
6958892 North Charleston, South Carolina May 24, 20 Vessel Operational Control - Agency Action Complete
6938816 STATEN ISLAND, New York Apr 14, 20 Vessel Operational Control - Agency Action Complete
6761530 Houston, Texas Jul 30, 19 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
6457737 Mobile, Alabama Jun 30, 18 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
6172230 TEXAS CITY, Texas Jun 11, 17 Boarding - Agency Action Complete
6152726 Mobile, Alabama May 22, 17 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
6090127 STATEN ISLAND, New York Feb 17, 17 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
DescriptionDue DateResolved
The loadline shall be painted in white or yellow on a dark ground. The starboard loadline mark is painted over and the improper mark is showing. [ICLL 88 Annex I/Reg. 8]Yes
Resolved DateResolution
May 22, 17received class report attesting to the rectification of the loadline in accordance to Loadline Convention (66)
5828349 Houston, Texas Mar 07, 16 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
5822567 Savannah, Georgia Feb 29, 16 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
DescriptionDue DateResolved
0220 The capacity in which the holder of a certificate is authorized to serve shall be indentified on the endorsement. The 3rd an endorsement from Marshall Islands with a capacity of OCOFNV with limitations of “not valid for service on board ECDIS equipped vessels”. The vessel is equipped with ECDIS & the 3rd is listed on the watch schedule while underway. STCW(2011) Reg I/2.9 17bcYes
Resolved DateResolution
Mar 01, 16Received paperwork stating that an endorsement will be issued from Marshall Islands.
Deck/CargoVapor Control SystemsImproper Installation
DescriptionDue DateResolved
1830 Each vsl vapor connection flange face must have a permanent stud projecting outward. It must be located at the top of the flange. PSCO observed the stud of the vessel’s vapor connection flange face to not be permanently affixed and of the screw type. Vsl cannot carry any cargo that requires the use of the VC line in US water until a permanent stud is affixed. 46CFR39.2001(j) 16acMar 14, 16Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Mar 07, 16received proper documentation attesting to the repairs of the vapor lines.
Documents Issued Expires Agency
Certificate of Compliance - Tank Vessel July 29,2020 July 29,2022 N/A
Certificate of Fitness - Chemical Carrier December 17,2015 May 16,2016 LR
Classification Document December 28,2020 December 17,2025 LR
International Load Line Certificate December 16,2020 December 17,2025 LR
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate November 3,2022 December 17,2025 LR
ISM - Document Of Compliance September 23,2019 October 1,2024 MH
ISM - Safety Management Certificate April 19,2021 May 18,2026 MH
Minimum Safe Manning Document December 18,2015 MH
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate December 16,2020 December 17,2025 LR
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate March 18,2023 May 30,2023 LR
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate December 18,2015 December 17,2020 N/A
Tonnage Certificate, International December 4,2015 LR