Captain Nicholas Ml
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IMO/VIN Callsign Flag Service Year
9351919 C6XF3 BAHAMAS, THE Tank Ship 2008
Activity# Port Date Activity - Description Deficiencies
6698468 PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania May 29, 19 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
6646573 PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania Mar 25, 19 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
14 - Pollution Prevention141 - MARPOL Annex I
DescriptionDue DateResolved
The arrangement on board the ship for the extraction of samples from the 15 ppm bilge alarm should give a truly representative sample of the effluent with adequate pressure and flow. PSCO observed a valve on the sample extraction line. This valve does not appear on the posted ship’s diagram. PSCO was unable to verify operation of system due to quality of water in bilge holding tank. Check valve leading to bilge tank malfunctioned allowing water to back up into containment and subsequently overflowed. Prove operation of OWS system and prove validity of presence of valve on sampling line.Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Mar 26, 19DNV-GL attended vessel and removed valve in OCM sample line and provided Class documentation attesting to the satisfactory installation and operation of the OWS and OCM.
15 - Safety Management Systems (ISM)N/A - No Subsystem
DescriptionDue DateResolved
The Company should establish procedures, plans, and instructions including checklists as appropriate for key shipboard operations concerning protection of the environment. Ship’s SMS makes reference to mepc 60(33) and the vessel has a mepc 107(49) Separator and OCM (Oil Content Meter). Sample line on OWS is required to be painted bright orange or yellow and is not painted. Crew added colored tape when overhearing PSCO discussing. Sample line required to be painted per SMS. SMS makes reference to Oily Water Separator Record and to Section 15 of the SMS Manual. Crew cannot find those items. Due to PSCO observations, an Audit by the ISM SMC issuing authority is recommended to be completed in 30 days.Yes
Resolved DateResolution
May 29, 19Vessel provided audit report see attached.
6646174 PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania Mar 20, 19 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
6340025 TEXAS CITY, Texas Jan 18, 18 Boarding - Agency Action Complete
6296106 Port Arthur, Texas Jun 11, 17 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
6161546 Houston, Texas Jun 11, 17 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
Operations/ManagementBallast Water Managment
DescriptionDue DateResolved
All vessels equipped with ballast water tanks that operate in US waters must remove fouling organisms from the hull on a regular basis. Correct to the satisfaction of USCG. 33CFR151.2035(a)(6)Yes
Resolved DateResolution
May 29, 19Completed satisfactory exam and found no discrepancies
5784627 TEXAS CITY, Texas Dec 19, 15 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
5770947 Houston, Texas Dec 14, 15 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
Deck/CargoHolds/TanksImproper/Lack of Maintenance
DescriptionDue DateResolved
Pressure relief valves should be set and sealed by a competent authority acceptable to the Administration and a record of this action, including the valves of set pressure, should be retained aboard the ship.Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Jan 28, 16Received service report from Force Technology attesting to repair and sealing of safety relief valves. - JB
4780433 Houston, Texas Jan 20, 14 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
4497073 Port Arthur, Texas Dec 05, 12 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
4496624 Houston, Texas Dec 05, 12 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
3757867 Houston, Texas Jun 04, 10 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
Documents Issued Expires Agency
Certificate of Fitness - Gas Carrier September 14,2013 July 22,2018 LR
Classification Document August 5,2014 July 23,2018 LR
International Load Line Certificate September 13,2013 July 22,2018 LR
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate June 25,2013 July 22,2018 LR
ISM - Document Of Compliance February 21,2018 March 3,2023 ABS
ISM - Safety Management Certificate November 21,2018 January 1,2024 ABS
Minimum Safe Manning Document July 10,2014 June 30,2019 ABS
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate October 4,2013 July 22,2018 LR
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate May 23,2016 July 22,2018 LR
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate May 11,2017 May 10,2022 LR
Subchapter O Endorsement March 25,2019 March 25,2021 N/A
Tonnage Certificate, International July 10,2008 BS