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“Rapidly evolving software is changing the way tanker operators manage vessels and fleets. Whichever aspect of a tanker's voyage you contemplate; there is now software available to help manage it.” 1
Top 10 Reasons to Use
10 Supply services to assist any group in the maritime industry – ship owners, charters, brokers, agents, terminals, oil spill response etc.
9 Outstanding Customer service and support “It has been a real pleasure to work with the extremely kind, helpful, quick and efficient support team at Q88 as they answer all of our questions by telephone and email and respond to our requests." 2
8 User friendly “One of the most user-friendly aspects of the system is that companies can restrict who views all their data, and they can also 'invite' others to share the information when it becomes necessary to do so.” 3
7 Numerous tools to use that can be helpful in everyday activities: distance tables, date calculator, DWT/draft calculator, abbreviations and definitions
6 Search across 7,000+ vessels in over 520 fields – Download more than 860 blank questionnaires
5 Cost and Time efficient –web based generator that allows you to create questionnaires more quickly then before. Save hours in filling out questionnaires. Saving time saves money.
4 Most uptodate source of vessel information –certificates, vettings, surveys, inspections.
3 Direct integration with Oil Company vetting system-BP, Koch Mabanaft, PMI, Repsol, Suncor and Tesoro
2 New and improved advance search page- a simple way to enter specific criteria to better your results and save searches
1 Industry leading shipping portal – Numerous features to help you get the most out of our industry leading database
1 - April 2003
2 - Testimonials
3 - Answers
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