Thun Liffey
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IMO/VIN Callsign Flag Service Year
9829007 PBWT NETHERLANDS Tank Ship
Activity# Port Date Activity - Description Deficiencies
6987725 Savannah, Georgia Jul 01, 20 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
14 - Pollution Prevention141 - MARPOL Annex I
DescriptionDue DateResolved
The condition of the ship and its equipment shall be maintained to conform withthe provisions of the present regulation to enshure the ship in all respects will remain fit to proceed to sea. PSCO observed an inoperable feed pump on the oily water separator system. SOLAS 74a (09) I/11(2)Jul 15, 20Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Jul 03, 20Vessel provided class report attesting to satisfaction of repair.
Documents Issued Expires Agency
Classification Document January 15,2020 BV
International Certificate of Fitness - Chemical April 16,2020 April 16,2025 BV
International Load Line Certificate May 18,2020 April 15,2025 BV
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate May 18,2020 April 15,2025 BV
ISM - Document Of Compliance November 26,2018 December 17,2023 BV
ISM - Safety Management Certificate April 16,2020 October 15,2020 BV
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Certificate May 18,2020 April 15,2025 BV
Tonnage Certificate, International January 15,2020 BV