Q88.com continues to allow us to efficiently manage and create questionnaires for our vessels quickly and easily. A big win for us is that the OCIMF HVPQ & Officers Matrixes can be imported and exported between the two websites with ease.

Customer support from the staff of Q88 staff is excellent. They are extremely helpful, quick and efficient with their support on any Q88 issues or questions."

Michael Clysdale
Manager, Vetting & Vessel Acceptance
Teekay Shipping Limited

The more I learn about Q88.com the more come to appreciate the convenience of the website. It is tremendously helpful to have all this information (questionnaires, vettings, certificates, etc…) on one site and so easily accessible. When I was a vessel operator I needed to be able to quickly and accurately gather the information needed to fix a vessel. In order to do this my first and usually only step to get the job done is to log onto Q88.com.

There were other tools on the site that I used on a regular basis such as the DWT/ Draft Calculator, the Conversion Calculator. In my new position I use the Charter Parties information and vessel search functions habitually. I also want to mention that the support staff has always been a pleasure to work with. On the rare occasion I have needed assistance with the site my problems were addressed without delay. The site just keeps getting better and better!!!"

Debra Tischler
Chartering Representative
OSG Ship Management

As competitive brokers, we require prompt ship details. In a fast paced, global economy, Q88.com provides single source, instant access to critical data allowing us to get our customers the information they need when they need it. Q88 LLC continues to deliver flawless products, made for maritime professionals, designed by maritime professionals. It's spot on."

Andrew Etter
Soundtanker Chartering Houston

Our operators use Q88 website on everyday basis and highly appreciate it. Q88 is very useful database and allows us to save lots of time. Good selection of various questionnaires allows completing it within few minutes. Connection of some questionnaires as REPSOL, GalpEnergia and Sunoco directly with their web-site is very convenient.

It has now become a very easy to control vetting inspection status and plan next inspection for vessels.

Options with reminders regarding validity of vessel’s certificates, expiration dates of vetting inspections are very helpful and allow proper planning of future jobs.

We also like the possibility of being able to share information regarding our ships with various business partners. The flexibility to grant them full or restricted access makes this matter easy to manage.

Q88 support team provides excellent assistance, guiding us through different stages and always being there for us to assist. They work really quickly and professionally.

This database is a good development which makes life so much easier. "

David Sharp
HSSE Team Manager
Stella Hadjikyriakou
HSSE / Vetting Assistant
Unicom Management Services (Cyprus) Ltd

Thank you for your patience and professionalism in explaining and stepping us through the various tools available through Q88. The section of Q88 that allows us to scan in our vessel certificates has saved us time in completing Terminal questionnaires."

Tony Catrone
Voyage Manager
Chevron Shipping Company LLC
I just like to say that Q88 is such a good tool for us Ship-Owners. Before we had to use Friday nights and sometimes Saturdays filling in all kind of different questionnaires. The questionnaire requests seemed always to come when you where getting ready for the weekend. It could be hard to get all the information that various oil-companies where asking for. Also the way the different questions where asked, could be confusing. It was very time consuming. It could take hours to fill in some of the questionnaire. Then Q88 came along and gave us a tool that makes our day so much easier. The thing we have to do is to upload the HVPQ every 3-4 months. All the questionnaires will be linked to this HVPQ, and in few minutes we can create a questionnaire based on the answers from the HVPQ.

Q88 do not rest there. They always seam to escalate, creating more new good feature for us, , continues to add new questionnaire in the base. Last but not least, should there be any questions reg. Q88 it is never hard to get into contact with them. They are always eager to help out.

Q88 makes the world a better place."

Einar Lundegård
Vetting Manager
Solvang ASA

Maersk Tankers benefits on an everyday basis from the many helpful functions that Q88.com provides.

All our vessels are registered in the Q88 database, meaning that we are able to share information regarding vetting and questionnaires with our commercial departments. This reduces the amount of interaction needed between the vetting department and the commercial departments.

Also, we are able to share information with various partners by granting access to each others vessels to the other party.

Q88 offers a great help in filling in the many, various questionnaires that are needed for trading a tanker vessel today. By uploading the vessel's standard information contained in the vessel's Harmonized Vessel Particulars Questionnaire, most of a questionnaire can be filled out for us by the computer system. This saves vast amounts of time for us in the day-to-day work. A questionnaire that can take hours to fill in from scratch will be dealt with in 10-15 minutes."

Kristian Dam Jensen
Chartering - Vetting
Maersk Tankers

BP Shipping use and rely on Q88 as an important and indispensible tool for their commercial operation of their controlled fleet of vessels.

The support department at Q88 have also provided excellent assistance to some of our newer Time Charter owners in correctly utilizing the system. BP Shipping highly values the relationship with Q88 team."

Ryan Hodder
Regional Operations Superintendent
Fleet Operations Team
(Europe & Africa)
BP Shipping Ltd

Q88.com has provided the ideal solution to the ever increasing demands placed on our operations staff for the reliable and accurate completion of commercial questionnaires. We are also able to easily handle a frequently changing fleet profile by quickly establishing a large information source for the vessels we operate.

The product is frequently enhanced to provide extra tools for our busy operations department and any support required is effective and readily available.

We also like the flexibility of being able to grant access to various business partners who can access data and input additional information (such as the vetting status) for vessels under their responsibility.

An excellent product that has saved us countless hours and undoubtedly made our operation more efficient."

Bruce Hutton
Commercial Operations Manager
V.Ships UK Ltd

I really enjoy the services provided by Q88.com. Your staff is always very friendly and helpful. I thing by using your database almost everyday, the input of our fleet details is growing constantly and this helps us in the future to get these annoying questionnaires completed always a little faster."

Malte Harke
Chartering Assistant
R.A. Oetker KG

Q88.com is very flexible, user-friendly and allows some individuality to the records. Customer service is very good - answers to queries are swift and pleasantly handled. Q88.com helps us to keep better control of Certification, VPQ's, vetting inspections and has a useful link to the USCG site for COCs, etc. Overall satisfaction with the web site and service is very high."

Carol Keeling
Operations Administrator
Dorchester Maritime Ltd.
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