Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Question: What is

For owners: is a web based questionnaire generator that allows you to create questionnaires for your vessels more quickly and accurately than ever before. has linked over 500 questionnaires to the OCIMF VPQ or CDI ISIS data. Once you are registered with just email the VPQ or VPI files for your vessels and will upload the data into the questionnaire database. Creating questionnaires is now a snap. Most of the questions come directly from the VPQ/VPI so when you create the questionnaire most of the answers are already completed for you.

For others: is a great source for vessel information. The owners list their Questionnaire 88 data on our web site and anyone else with an account can login and view the data contained in the Questionnaire 88.

Question: How much does it cost to subscribe to

For subscription pricing please see our Fee Schedule.

Question: Is my data private? Who has access? is a completely secure. Your vessels data is only accessible by you. No one else can view the details of the questionnaires for your vessels, unless you allow them to. Additionally you have the option to make the Questionnaire 88 for your vessel available to all users on the public 'Q88's section. By default your vessel will be listed on this page. You can control this by going to the 'Manage Account' section on the web site.

Question: Can I give other companies access to the questionnaires for my vessel's?

Yes, you can 'grant' them access to the specific vessel from the 'Manage Account/Vessels' section on the web site. You can choose what the other company will have permission to access and if they have read/write or read-only permission.

Question: What is the OCIMF HVPQ?

Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has developed a software program that ship owners use to compile ship particulars data. The HVPQ software is available free of charge to participating ship owners who have submitted a formal application. To obtain a HVPQ application booklet, contact the SIRE manager via email on

Question: Does support CDI's version of the VPQ?

Yes, Q88 does support the CDI version of the VPQ which is called VPI.

Question: What do I need to do to "upload the OCIMF VPQ" files for my vessels?

First you need the OCIMF HVPQ software. The HVPQ software is available free of charge to participating ship owners who have submitted a formal application. To obtain a VPQ application booklet, contact the SIRE manager via email on Once you have completed the VPQ for your vessel(s) you need to email the files to We will then upload the VPQ data into the web site database.

Question: Can I link my web site to my questionnaires on

Absolutely! uses XML web service technology that allows you to link your web site to many of the questionnaires for your vessels on The great thing about this is that you won't have to update the questionnaires on your web site. By having the XML link from you have a central place from where all questionnaires are stored. Please contact us to discuss setup and pricing of this added feature.

Question: Can I submit a new questionnaire to

Do you have a questionnaire you cannot find on the web site? Please email it to and we will add it into the web site.

Question: Where can I make a suggestion or request?

Your requests and comments are always welcome. Please send them to

Question: I want to register. What do I do now?

For Owners: Click here to register. Once you have completed the registration process you need to email the HVPQ files for your vessels to and we will load the vessels into your account. We offer a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL so you can test the system.

For others: Click here to register and select the subscription level you are interested in

Question: Can I download a blank questionnaire?

Sure, we have setup a download page that you can use to download the original blank questionnaires.

Question: What can I do to update existing HVPQ's?

We have an export function that will export the HVPQ file which you can then send to OCIMF.

Question: Can I add diagrams and various data to the Q88?

Yes, we have a 'Mooring Diagram' section and a ‘Tank Plan’ section on the web site where you can easily design these diagrams for each vessel. Once the diagrams are created you will then be able to attach them to the completed questionnaire. There is also a "

Question: I forgot my password. What do I do?

Click here to have your password resent to you.

Question: How do I update ship information on

There are 3 ways to update data on

1. Upload a new .VPQ or .VPZ file using the Import/Export icon.

2. Change the information when completing a questionnaire. A change made in one questionnaire updates all questionnaires.

3. Use the "Search" icon and update the necessary information.

Question: Does the HVPQ answer all the questions contained in a questionnaire?

No, but it does answer a majority of the questions in most questionnaires. We recommend you also complete the 'VPQ Appendix' Questionnaire which contains additional questions that are the most widely used but are not contained in the HVPQ file. Completing this questionnaire will increase the number of questions that would be automatically answered.