Abbreviations & Definitions
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q.n.  Quotation 
Q88  Questionnaire 88; is a web based questionnaire generator that allows you to create questionnaires for vessels.  
QA  Quality Assurance 
QAR  Quality assurance representative (ISM) 
QC  Quality at Captain's (option) 
QI  Qualified Individual (OPA 90) 
QLTY  Quality 
QTE  Quote. The act of a charterer to make known that a ship is sought for a particular cargo or, as a shipowner, to advertise the availability of his ship for charter. Most often this activity is carried out using the services of shipbrokers. 
QTTY  Quantity 
QTY  Quantity 
Quality Assessment  Often termed ""Quality Control"" or ""QC"", it is the measurement of chemical or physical properties to establish whether a sample conforms to specification. In manufacturing, such laboratory analyses are carried out periodically and the results are used to optimise the process. In trade, it is the basis of specifications in the contract between buyer and seller. 
Quarantine  A restraint placed on an operation to protect the public against a health hazard. A ship may be quarantined so that it cannot leave a protected point. During the quarantine period, the Q flag is hoisted. 
Quay  A structure attached to land to which a vessel is moored.See also Pier and Dock. 
Quoin  A wedge–shaped piece of timber used to secure barrels against movement. 
Quota  The quantity of goods that may be imported without restriction during a set period of time. 
Quotation  An offer to sell goods at a stated price and under stated terms. 
QWCT  Quay weight crane tonnage dues 
QWT  Quay weight; Quay weight and Tonnage Dues 
QY  Query